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TitleApplique Paper GreetingsAuthorsiemkiewicz,EllyPublishedCollector Books 1997
Status:Check Shelves Subjectquilting CategoryquiltingISBN0891458980Call Number007TypeInstructionalDescription
This book covers several aspects of working with greeting cards. Sienkiewicz, author of several books on applique for quilters (Applique 12 Easy Ways!, C & T, 1991), provides instructions for handmade cards containing cloth cutouts "appliqued" to paper with fusible plastic bonding. Her projects take the form of "lessons" of increasing complexity with full-size patterns and instructions. Each lesson includes a gallery of photos of similar finished cards made by artists. The cards are in "country" style with a very professional finish, and are certain to become keepsakes. Lawrence takes a different approach to greeting cards, using them as raw material for making and decorating household items of all kinds. This book is crammed with projects, several to a page, with very small color illustrations. The quality of the material really deserves a larger format. However the instructions are good, and the book is full of ideas for dealing with those accumulations of cards that are just too nice to throw away.