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TitleCalico and BeyondAuthorHorton,RobertaPublishedC&T Publishing 2010
Status:Check Shelves SubjectquiltingCategoryquiltingISBN 978-0914881032Call Number011TypeInstructionalDescription
This is an oldie but goodie, a quilt book published in the mid 80s. Instead of providing patterns, the author assumes that you will design your own quilt. The book contains a series of design exercises for working with patterned fabrics. She begins with the small prints common to quilts, but she extends the lessons to some more difficult fabrics, including plaids, large scale prints, and ethnic fabrics. The lessons, and the examples, are very good. The only reason I didn't give the book a five is that I'd like there to be more--more explanation, more examples, especially on the large prints. What she does, she does beautifully. The quilt on the cover is a series of lessons in itself. If you have gorgeous large prints you have been afraid to cut, this book could provide all the inspiration you need.